Buffalo Sabres NHL Onesie




Taro says you should pick-up this fantastic Buffalo Sabres Hockey Sockey Onesie!

Wear this Onesie at home or go out skating on the frozen pond and pretend you’re Dominic Hasek - we’re sure he won’t mind.

This high-quality Hockey Sockey Onesie is a beautiful midnight blue colour with mustard yellow accents. (We avoided making the entire thing mustard yellow because nobody wants to look like a giant “turd burger”).

Please see the sizing chart to ensure a proper fit.


  • Thick Polar Fleece Construction (100% Polyester)

  • Twill & Embroidered Logo (like on Official Jerseys)

  • Cozy Fleece Lined hoodie

  • Pockets Included

  • Ribbed Ankle & Wrist Cuffs

  • Emergency '5 Hole Trapper' Flap Built at the Rear





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